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I discovered Melanie a few years ago when a job promotion in Louisville landed me in a nice corner office with piles of files I didn’t know how to organize and a furniture arrangement that was awkward at best. My best efforts fell far short of what was needed to have the office look inviting and work effectively. I decided to get help from a professional. A quick Internet search of the National Association of Professional Organizers resulted in a short list of local members. A few interviews and meetings with the local NAPO members convinced me to hire Melanie, who, while not the least expensive, gave me an outline of what to expect, how long it would take, and a realistic estimation of what it would cost.

Melanie’s first action was to ask questions about my goals and vision. What began with a talk on what I wanted from my office – an inviting environment that would accommodate staff meetings, one-on-one meetings, plus my own daily working needs, resulted in an amazing transformation that garnered many compliments. Melanie worked her magic and maximized space utilization while creating an open and warm work environment. Having experienced the value of Melanie’s expertise - how quickly she identified and resolved organization and space issues, she was the first person I contacted when I moved to a new home in Louisville. Melanie organized a smooth move, and helped me arrange the space to make it both look and function beautifully.

When I relocated to California, Melanie organized the entire move from interviewing moving companies, arranging donation pick up and deliveries, coordinated consignment items from clothing to estate sales, landscaping and cleaning services. She packed and organized my car with essential items: clothes, important personal and work files and some of my treasures. By then I was hooked, and once I found a home in California, I sent for Melanie to coordinate the final move and unpacking process. My job did not afford me the luxury of taking time off, so she helped stage the home and got it functioning from the very beginning. Within a year, I moved to a more permanent location and again sent for Melanie – this time to help with the larger move into a lovely mountain retreat in Monterey, with the challenging task of helping to organize the daunting “blended family” household goods of two empty nesters. She streamlined the moving process with wonderfully creative ideas, helping us to shed boxes of “stored” items, organizing treasures, and transforming the new home as a place to love and enjoy.

I highly recommend Melanie. I’ve found that the exceptional expertise she wields in a caring and thoughtful manner is a wise investment that will reap rewards for years to come.

Barbara Costantino

My home was in total disarray and my energy level was so low. I would wake up in the morning and be totally overwhelmed with the tasks of cleaning, organizing and putting order into the living and working areas of my home. So overwhelmed that I felt paralyzed. Within two three-hour sessions, I could see a dramatic difference in the way my new home office was shaping up, and how those changes were energizing me. We worked in a specific room together, which enabled me to keep working and stay on task for the entire time she was here. After our second session, I found my energy to clean, sort, and rid my home of the accumulated stuff that was in other rooms. By Melanie helping me in one room, that made space and a place for other items that were taking up space in my dining room, and on my dining room table. Now, my table is set all the time, and we eat there much more often than ever before. Working with Melanie was the best investment (and therapy) I've ever committed to.

Marilee Burnside
Marilee Glass Design

In today’s real estatemarket with so many properties for sale, vying for the few buyers, each property must be at its best. Owners are too close and too emotionally involved. Agents are not talented or don’t want to annoy their clients. There needs to be an objective non-emotional look at the house. Lynn and Melanie are the people you want. They have a keen eye for details, good judgment and are able to tell sellers what needs to be done to “stage” the house for showings with offending. I have all my listings staged these days. These ladies are a must!

Betsey Vaughan
Semonin Realtors

In the last 8 years, we have moved 6 times....previously, four people assisted in the unpacking for 4 days. Melanie & Lynn accomplished this huge task with less staff in less time. My experience with Melanie and Lynn was unparalleled…they presented great ideas, thoughts, were incredibly organized throughout the process, very efficient, and their creative suggestions were SO helpful.

Many Thanks,

Lynn & Melanie were wonderful! They came in full of energy and ideas on the day after our moving truck unloaded our furniture and boxes. I was so impressed with how quickly we got boxes unloaded and rooms functional. They were fantastic and I highly recommend their services.

Jen Schmidt

I had been trying to organize my office for over a year. I didn't really have a method or system to do this. I had gotten to the point that I hated to come into my office because it was so frustrating trying to work through the clutter and disorganization. In desperation, I set up an appointment with Melanie and within a couple of hours I had a totally new office! Melanie rearranged my furniture so the room was more open, thus giving more energy. She made suggestions on what I could do to make the room more warm and inviting, such as adding plants and better lighting. I purged 3 huge garage bags of clutter, and I even found some things that had been lost for years. I could go on and on, but let me just say that I absolutely love my office now. It has stayed organized and I am showing it off to everyone. But most important of all, I am more productive and am working more efficiently because I don't have to waste time looking for things. Melanie’s services are priceless.

Delphine Evans
Business Owner

Before moving our office, Melanie assisted in the reorganization of our paperwork and resource room. As a result, it was a very easy move. Our new office now runs efficiently and is visually uncluttered. This is of most importance in projecting the image of our business. Melanie's organizational services are also a must in my client's homes. Before we can properly achieve the level of design they desire, I highly recommend her services before we get started.

Tracee Dore Brown
Interior Designer
Morris Dore Interiors

Working with Melanie has been an ongoing process. During our initial session she quickly helped me understand my desire to have my home be a place of sanctuary. But we had a long way to go. First, we had to go through a phase of cleaning out and organizing. While working on that, I felt a huge burden lift as I purged items that no longer made sense for me and allowed me to let positive, fresh energy into my life. Then we worked to direct that energy in a harmonious way through feng shui. Now I have a home that feels more balanced and a creative studio that inspires me.

Valerie Kremer
Studio Kremer Design

I have had the opportunity to work with Melanie over the last year. We concentrated on my office, which looked like it had been ransacked. Melanie, in her cheerful, joyous way, was the little person sitting on my shoulder, and whispering in my ear "do you really want to keep that". Frequently, the answer was no, and the magnitude of "stuff" in my office was reduced considerably. She then helped me install a better system to keep control of paper and create a environment which was much more conducive to productive work. I now have what I want and need where I need it and the distractions that had been caused by the clutter are almost gone. I could not have done it without her. I cannot say enough about the quality of the service she provides.

Wes Gersh

I’m a person with many interests and have accumulated many items to use in my writing projects. She separated out major projects and organized them into designated workstations which helped me focus and prioritize. She helped identify key areas of research material for my books in progress as well as organized my intensive and broad array of personal items. After such great success organizing my home office, I had Melanie organize my office downtown. She not only organized our office but also created a more pleasing and functional environment with more usable space. Getting organized is a great investment that will continue to pay dividends in the future.

Robert A. Buerlein
The American Historical Foundation



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