Melanie Stokes,
   Professional Organizer

Napo  Western School of Feng Shui


Do you have a home office where you can’t find a file or your desktop?

Is your garage so full of junk that you park your car in the driveway?

Do you avoid the closet at the end of the hall because you know things may fall out as soon as you open the door?

Is your office at work full of stacks that leave you hunting to find things every day?

Trying to work, live or even breathe in all the clutter is a daunting task. The symptoms are common - running late at work or home because you can never find anything – feeling overwhelmed – running out of time to accomplish all you need to.

"The Wall Street Journal" reported that the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for misplaced information in messy desks and files (That translates to one hour per day!)

It’s time to show the clutter who is the boss!

Professional Organizing – solutions for businesses and individuals

That’s where we come in - to bring control, order, and productivity back into your day.

Melanie J. Stokes is a professional organizer and quite possibly your next best friend. We will help you get organized, so you can:
~ Reduce stress
~ Save money
~ Boost your productivity and results
~ Regain control of your life
~ Save time to do the things you enjoy


Speaking to Inspire

Part of an organization or association that is looking for a professional speaker?

Melanie's presentations provide participants with information that make a very positive impact in their lives. Whether you want to become better organized or focus on how Feng Shui can change your life, she will share her expertise with humor and examples that anyone can apply.

Contact Melanie and schedule a presentation to speak to your team, group, or company.

Melanie Stokes
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